Sabtu, 19 Februari 2011

my stupid boss

ptama kali yg gw bc, blogny mb kerani.. ngakak abizz deh :)
super duper konyol.. mgkn sdkt drama queen tp msh dlm porsi yg natural bgt.. hehe
hunting deh d gramed bukuny..
kl u gak percaya, u boleh cek barangnya d internet..
dijamin kocak!

Jumat, 11 Februari 2011

another point of interest

read for empowering your life..

"Recognizing an achievement for what it is"

I recently wrote a critique of a Sports
Illustrated (SI) article about Bilqis Abdul-Qaadir for
Muslimah Media Watch. To summarize the post
and give context to this one, I wrote that SI still
otherized Abdul-Qaadir by constantly focusing on
her hijab instead of her basketball skills. Her
basketball skills only became "spectacular"
because she wore hijab. To my honest surprise
my post was listed in the best of the web section
of Comment is free from The Guardian's website
as well as a feature piece on Jezebel. That was
cool. However what was not cool were some of
the comments that I read on Jezebel with the
same basic theme of "well, Muslimahs should be
happy for the 'positive' coverage they get".
At first glance this statement may seem to make
sense. Muslims do get a lot of negative coverage
in the media and this piece does seem to break
the mold. I should take the SI piece as a
compliment of what Muslim women can do
right? The answer is no, I shouldn't because while
the article may appear to have a positive spin on
it, what it ultimately does is make Bilqis
seemextraordinary not because of her skills but
because of her faith.
Think of it this way. When Sidney Poitier won the
Oscar for Best Actor, people were aghast because
he was the first black actor to win the award.
When Denzel Washington won, the reaction was
similar because it had been so long since a black
actor won that award. However, when Jamie
Foxx and Forest Whitaker won the same award a
few years after Washington, the feeling was
much different. There was a focus on their actual
performances moreso than their race.
As a black woman, I felt like actual progress was
being made because now Hollywood is finally
beginning to recognize black actors for their skills
and whenever a black actor gives a praiseworthy
performance the reaction isn't "wow! [insert
name], a black actor, gave an amazing
performance" but "wow! [insert actor] gave such
an incredible performance!" This isn't to say that
racism still doesn't exist in Hollywood but
progress is finally being made for black actors.
We are getting to a point where the otherization
of black actors is starting to decrease.
However, this same progress has not occurred
for Muslim women yet. Which is why we get a
Sports Illustrated story about Bilqis's hijab and
how it just so awesome for Muslim women that
she is a star basketball player. We don't have the
privilege of simply being appreciated for
whatever skills we have. I think that is the point
that some of the commentators on Jezebel
missed and that so many people miss. I'm happy
for anyone's achievement but what I want is to
finally get to a point where people's achievements
are recognized in and of themselves and not
simply because of someone's race, religion,
abilities, etc.. That is real progress to me.

-quote from the tales of a modern muslimah blog-

Selasa, 25 Januari 2011

reunian teman sma

sejak lulus 2004, sbnrny sdh bbrp kl antimpoteners kumpul bareng.. cm yg ini
hv fun d jkrt, tepatny dufan, u ptma kaliny.. seru, krn gw blm prnh coba tornado
dan histeria.. dan.. gw akhirny ngerasain jg dua wahana dufan yg
paling gress itu!! hehe
sktr 25% ank2 bs pd ngumpul di dufan, mgkn next time bs lbh rame lg..


Kamis, 25 November 2010

gak bs tiduuuuuuurrrrrr

25nov2010, 23:36pm

beginilah kl ada yg g beres.. g bs tidur..
tnyt gw ad yg ktinggalan u dkonfirm k auditee..
kemana aj sefth? blm ngomong k kt..
huuhuu spooky takut disemprot..
tp mw gmn lg, need highest assurance...
lapor m kst ny aj ap y? sprtny lbh friendly..
teteup kepikiran...
oh 6des kapn kau dtg??
*tks to bela yg meminjamkn kamar dn laptopny
u mengobati gelisah gw ini...


Jumat, 16 Juli 2010

ketika ingin menangis..

rasany pgn nangis,,
ktika kamu udh ngerasa usaha,
ktika kamu hmpr lelah dgn smw,
ktika smw tdk bjalan sesuai keinginan,
lelah sekali mgu ini..
menang, tp kalah..
ktika kamu rasanya tdk bguna apa2,
ktika potensi itu mati plahan..
ktika potensi itu tdk bguna..
gw merasa smw itu pcuma..
sekeras apapun gw usaha..
gw pgn bhenti!!
tapi bara api muda itu harusny tetap menyala..